Tips for Developers

How to setup local development environment?

ReinforcementLearning.jl is kind of different from most packages you've seen. It simply re-export all the names in its dependent packages. The Manifest.toml files are committed in the source code. So when you execute ]dev ReinforcementLearning in the Julia REPL, all the dependents are also turned into the development mode automatically. Then you can modify the code in your favorite editor and test it as usual. Sometimes, you may need to add some extra dependencies. Remember to switch the environment before adding new packages. For example, if you want to add Statistics in ReinforcementLearningBase, first run ]activate src/ReinforcementLearningBase, then ]add Statistics.

How to contribute a new experiment?

We use the DemoCards.jl to generate the documentation of all the experiments. If you want to contribute a new experiment, simply create a Your_Experiment.jl file in a specific algorithm category under the docs/experiments folder. Note that this file should follow the format defined in Literate.jl. And then update the config.json file correspondingly. If your experiment needs an extra dependency, remember to update both docs/Project.toml and src/ReinforcementLearningExperiments/Project.toml.


All the cells after the #+ tangle=true line in Your_Experment.jl will be extracted into the ReinforcementLearningExperiments package automatically. This feature is supported by Weave.jl.